Contentwise in 90 seconds


We have just released a short video to explains what happens when you injects Contentwise recommendations into your digital media services. your customers consume more content, for longer and buy more of it.


ContentWise: Wise Discovery Engine from ContentWise on …  Read more »

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4 reasons to visit us at IP&TV World Forum 2012


IP&TV forum in London is coming soon. Note that this year, the Forum organizers added the “&” to the event’s title in an effort to illustrate how the initial IPTV standard has fragmented into many flavors of TV over IP protocol. As you …  Read more »

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Computers or people? Why the future of Social TV is hybrid


Social TV has emerged a popular concept over the last year, as a means by which by members of a social network, or a community, share actions, comments and ratings on their TV screens or on companion devices and apps, thereby enriching …  Read more »

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