Top 5 takeaways from ACM RecSys Conference 2012


The sixth ACM conference on Recommender System 2012 just took place in Dublin in early September.

As usual, the conference brought together researchers and experts from academia and industry, representing the most important yearly appointment for the recommender systems’ community worldwide.  During the …  Read more »

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Client-side recommendations for broadcasters: a new approach


Content personalization is currently offered by many two-way TV services (e.g., IPTV, OTT), where the return channel — i.e. the communication from the user’s set-top box (STB) to the service provider — allows a centralized system to identify and monitor the user’s actions in order to generate personalized recommendations.

…  Read more »

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ContentWise editorial in Broadcast Pro ME: Helping Viewers and Operators


The latest issue of Broadcast Pro ME features an editorial titled “Helping viewers discover content and operators increase sales”. Here’s a link to the online edition:

It’s a very high-level piece in which I try to paint, in broad strokes, a …  Read more »

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Computers or people? Why the future of Social TV is hybrid


Social TV has emerged a popular concept over the last year, as a means by which by members of a social network, or a community, share actions, comments and ratings on their TV screens or on companion devices and apps, thereby enriching …  Read more »

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Assisted content planning: using recommendation engines to improve catalog performance


We typically use a recommender system to estimate which content items are likely to match a user’s taste and recommend them, based on her implicit or explicit interests. In its simplest implementation, the recommender system works on a defined content catalog of …  Read more »

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