Personalized content recommendations increase content playback and TVOD sales. Learn how by downloading this free white paper.

In this white paper, we describe the integration of a content recommendation system into the production environment of Fastweb, one of the largest European IP Television (IPTV) providers. The recommender system implements both collaborative and content-based techniques, tailored to the specific requirements of an IPTV architecture, such as the limited screen definition, the reduced navigation capabilities, and strict time constraints.

What is in this PDF?

  • An overview of the Fastweb service and recommendation system architecture
  • An explanation of how ContentWise was implemented to support linear TV and VOD.
  • Algorithm performance analysis with off- and online tests.
  • How the system resulted in up to 30% of the recommendations being followed by a purchase, with an estimated lift factor (increase in sales) of 15%.

PDF, 16 pages, 0.6 Mb