Managing Broadcast, OTT TV and Pay TV UX with Automation, Personalization and Machine Learning.

Operators that cannot differentiate their services in a crowded marketplace will continue to see their subscribers and sales go down.

We believe that User Experience Management is key to the success of any TV service. UX underpins they entire range of interactions between users and a digital service and the data that that interaction generates is a goldmine of insights for operators.


In this white paper you will find out:

  • The key trends that are affecting adoption of UX management technology.
  • How the rise of SVOD is forcing pay TV and broadcast operators to reinvent their role
  • The 3 pillars of UX management for OTT and pay TV.
  • Examples of how much UX management and A/B testing can grow ARPU.

PDF, 20 pages, 3.5 MB