Consumers today an overwhelming range of TV and video viewing choices, expanding at an exponential rate. Yet, the traditional TV user experience is sluggish, cumbersome and one-size-fits-“some”.

Operators are saddled with too many manual, repetitive curation processes, with a lack of actionable catalog performance data and with balooning multiscreen development costs.

ContentWise user experience management software marries manageability, thanks to advanced, easy to use assisted curation and A/B testing tools, with auto-tuning automation, delivering the right content to the right viewer at the right time.

Our customers report significant increases in consumption, engagement and loyalty KPIs. They also eliminate repetitive editorial and programming tasks and optimize business outcomes using the ContentWise analytics and toolset.


In this presentation you will find out:

  • Why the traditional TV experience is broken.
  • The key factor 70% of operators consider “very important to their business success.
  • The 3 key operator processes that ContentWise automates.
  • How A/B testing drives higher ARPU.
  • How personalization grew an SVOD service’s catalog coverage by 90%.

PDF, 14 pages, 1.3 MB