ContentWise on tablet

Automate the digital content storefront.

ContentWise automatically controls UI elements by balancing machine learning and assisted editorial curation. ContentWise unifies linear TV, catch-up, SVOD, TVOD and OTT in a cohesive, personalized viewer experience. APIs drive UI layouts and content selections on set-top box and client applications in real-time, with no need to update client software to rollout UI changes.

Deliver a personalized, self-tuning TV experience.

ContentWise profiles viewers and delivers personalized recommendations, predictive search, adaptive browsing, micro-genres and personalized UI layouts. The ContentWise personalization engine continuously analyzes viewing data and preferences, ingesting VOD catalogs, EPG, news feeds and third-party data to match content to each viewer.

ContentWise personalization
ContentWise analytics and editorial management

Give superpowers to editorial and marketing teams.

ContentWise assisted content curation uses data to help editorial teams analyze behaviors, measure catalog performance and automate low-level tasks. Targeted promotions, “next-up” suggestions and playlisting are just some of the use cases powered by ContentWise, giving operators maximum editorial control while exploiting automation at scale.