Automating Telecom Argentina./Infinity TV./Sky./Telefonica./SK Broadband./television.

ContentWise is the user experience and personalization solution for broadcast, cable, satellite, OTT and streaming television.


At the Center of User Experience

UX automation, assisted curation, recommendations, search, discovery,
metadata, A/B testing and analytics. All in one software.

Delight your viewers

UX Engine

Full control over each personalized user interface element across platforms through a set of visual layout tools, without changes to client code.

Improve your business


The most sophisticated content discovery solution, with algorithmic and social recommendations, predictive browsing and context awareness.

Deploy with confidence

Editorial Tools

Content programmers achieve unprecedented control thanks to predictive performance tools, curation, dynamic streams, business rules, A/B testing.

Make your data smarter


ContentWise analytics include four critical KPI analytics sets: user activity, financials, engagement and recommendation effectiveness metrics.

Metadata pains?
Fear no more.

Knowledge Factory automates your workflow.

ContentWise Knowledge Factory is a unified metadata lifecycle management toolset that orchestrates metadata from any source, enriching it and preparing it to deliver rich, flexible and adaptable content information at scale.

Knowledge Factory

Humanizing interactions. Growing ARPU.

Leading digital television operators worldwide choose ContentWise.