The AI-Powered TV User Experience

How machine learning and automation will transform how you onboard, retain, and entertain OTT, Pay TV and VOD subscribers.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017 – 1 PM ET/10 AM PT/7 PM CET

The traditional TV user experience is sluggish, cumbersome and one-size-fits-“some”. With new services crowding the market and content offerings growing exponentially, operators struggle to differentiate. New UX management technology based on data, learning algorithms and pervasive automation is changing the rules of the game.

During this 45 minute session with Renato Bonomini, ContentWise Head of Technical Services, you will learn:

  • Why the TV UX should be as automated and personalized as possible.
  • How to unleash editorial productivity with smart management tools.
  • Why automation drives consumption, engagement and loyalty KPIs.
  • How extreme personalization and big data already help operators predict which content will be successful.

Renato Bonomini is Vice President of Technical Services at ContentWise, the UX automation specialist for pay TV, broadcast, OTT, and streaming operators. Over the past 10 years at Moviri Group, he grew professional service practices, developed and brought to market new offerings, and nurtured strategic partnerships. Renato has an engineering background in digital signal processing with a M.S. from Politecnico di Milano. When not glued to a computer screen, he’s riding a Ducati, scuba diving or paying ransom-food to get the keyboard back from his cat Arturo.